Tan Ahmed – Front-End Developer

Hi, I'm Tan Ahmed.

A front-end developer. I design, develop and maintain sites, apps and user interfaces.

INFP-T, minimalist, analytical and a good listener.

Cornerstone Films.

Cornerstone Films

Cornerstone Films curate a steady stream of films of enduring quality and through adapting to evolving business models, they stay focused on maximising world-wide value through tailored co-production, sales and distribution to studios, digital platforms and independent distributors.

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Salad Pages.

Salad Pages

SaladPages gives fantastic young authors a platform to tell their stories. They mentor authors though every step of the publishing process and take time to help authors develop their own unique style and voice.

Tech: HTML5, CSS3, JS, WordPress & WooCommerce

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InkFactory Films.

InkFactory Films

The InkFactory is an independent studio with global reach who work across television, film, games and immersive experiences, developing these from inception to release, through long-term relationships with authors and creators.

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