Combine multiple filters into 1 photo.

iphone app


FilterGrid lets you combine multiple filters into 1 photo to create astounding effects.

Use the preset 44 kinds of templates and different kinds of filter combinations to quickly show a variety of styles.

Of course you can still use the 65 kinds of filter combinations to make your own filter effects.

Main Features.

Photo adjustment

Adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of any individual grid element within a template.

Easy to Share

Share your creations using Instagram, Facebook and any other app you have installed.

23 splicing templates

Divide photos into different grids, in every grid you can use a different filter effect.

21 Shape template

Within the photo divide the image, and use separate filter effects, the shape can also be moved and compressed.

  • bryan

    Jonawi Ng

    Awesome! Simply awesome! Couldn't ask for a better one. Well, maybe u might wanna add up some filters other than the given.. u know, to give some more experimentation

  • sarah

    Ina Jhuriahsing

    Amazing! I am simply baffled by the effects and how beautifully they enhance my pictures. It will look amazing in my least my kids will see how colorful my life has been. Thank you TEAM ☺

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